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Ethnic wear

Ethnic wear is one of the most famous outfits in India. It is the perfect way to show the beauty of Indian fashion and culture. The term “ethnic” originated from the word “ethnicity,” which means a class of people with a distinct language, religion, and culture. In India, there are different states that have their unique customs, rituals, traditions and ethnic outfits as well. 

Some states in India have their specific traditional attire which they find very close to their hearts. The famous ethnic wear of Chandigarh includes Patiala Salwars, Punjabi Suits and Phulkari Dupattas. Similarly, Odisha has its special Odissa Sarees & Odissi Drapes! Let us check out here some more fascinating facts about Ethnic Wear and Indian Culture and for a fascinating experience you can also visit our store  NEHEL’S, the best  Ethnic dresses shop in Lajpat Nagar and in Noida:

In Indian society, traditional attire is a major component of culture, which further helps in bringing people closer.

In Indian society, traditional attire is a major component of culture, which further helps in bringing people closer.

In many Indian families, elders try to pass on their knowledge about different aspects of life to younger generations. This helps in creating a cordial relationship between generations and also helps in bringing people closer.

It is not just about one particular culture but rather different cultures from across the world that have come together through dress codes and customs to form one big family called mankind!

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Indian Ethnic Dresses are truly significant in each culture. Each state and community has its special wedding dress code. It helps in making the wearer look beautiful and elegant so that he or she can be the centre of attraction at the ceremony.

People who want to buy an Indian Wedding Dress for their upcoming events should know about the various factors associated with these garments like fabric, colour, design and cost. Our store is also an online store that sells dresses at affordable prices, for the best of dresses you can always trust us and must-visit Nehel’s Emporium Lajpat Nagar/ Noida

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    Known as a land of diversity, each region of India depicts its own culture through its traditional dresses,
    and nehels collections have so much variety for all the female clothing requirements when it comes to Indian ethnic wear

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